Franco-Japanese relations strengthened during new IRN “ELyT Global” edition

From November 16 to 18, INSA Lyon and École Centrale de Lyon hosted the IRN "ELyT Global" 2022 workshop.

After a 2021 videoconference session, this edition was an opportunity to reconnect with face-to-face meetings between researchers from different institutions, to take stock of Franco-Japanese collaborations in the field of engineering sciences and stimulate the implementation of new research projects..

This edition also made it possible to host the "ELyT School" summer school for engineering students and master's and doctoral students in order to encourage them to carry out double degrees and research projects abroad.

The event was also the occasion to inaugurate the Japan room on the Ecully campus. This room is intended to accommodate Japanese researchers within the framework of research projects carried out in collaboration with Centrale de Lyon.

elyt workshop salle japon

"The creation of this Japan room is the symbol of the fruitful relations between the University of Tohoku and the École Centrale de Lyon, which span several decades. By welcoming Japanese researchers to these premises, the École Centrale de Lyon wishes to promote these relations and make them last." explains Pascal Ray, director of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

This initiative is part of the School's strategy aimed at positioning the Ecully campus as a hub for our international partners, in particular by offering spaces for discussion and work for research and training.

ELyT Global is an International Research Network created by CNRS under the leadership of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, INSA Lyon, and Tohoku University in Japan. A hundred researchers form this network which aims to become a network of excellence in Materials and Systems Engineering, responding to current societal challenges.