Pedagogical continuity plan for our students

To deal with the unprecedented health situation we find ourselves in, Ecole Centrale de Lyon has decided to apply a three-step educational continuity plan:

  1. Asynchronous phase: provision of resources for each training action in dedicated areas.
  2. Encouragement of exchanges: setting up chats and forums to respond collectively to students and encourage exchanges.
  3. Synchronous phase: setting up of virtual classes.

All the support teams are mobilised, in particular the studies department, the LearningLab and the IT department, to provide the establishment with the resources necessary for the creation of remote content and teleworking. Teacher-researchers and students are mobilized to maintain teaching in the best possible conditions. For all the courses operated by the School, all the training activities are continuing, with the necessary adaptations, while maintaining the same level of requirements.

The pedagogical team has published advice and tutorials for the creation of various distance learning content: from simple PowerPoint commented by the teacher in the form of an audio recording, to tutorials carried out remotely with a shared surface, audio and chat, via the creation of YouTube or Replay videos, there is no shortage of resources.

The Michel Serres University Library is not to be outdone with an online press service and the possibility of chatting with librarians to accompany users on all questions relating to documentary research, with toolboxes, practical sheets and videos.

Student initiatives are also beginning to emerge to find solutions to maintain social links at a distance.