In 2024, the ‘Impact’ project with an investment of €28 million will transform the two large industrial halls on campus (H9 and H10). The goal of École Centrale de Lyon is to create a large centre of expertise, research and teaching in which various disciplines intersect. This transformation will expedite our support for industrial programmes and public policies on energy, the environment, risks and transport.

Croquis projet Impact

Energy and environmental challenges impacted by the project

  • Energy efficiency (production and transport).
  • Energy use avoidance (aka energy sobriety).
  • Risk prevention, environmental protection and soil remediation (noise, air, water, soil pollution).
Soufflerie LMFA

Expected benefits

  • Enhancement to the engineering education model – general knowledge across various disciplines and flexibility in complicated situations.
  • Improved competitiveness of the institute to stave off international challenges in terms of research and education.
  • Consolidation of the institute’s ties to industry.
  • Contribution to the sustainable development goals.

This project involves the Ampère laboratory and the Fluid Transfer and Acoustics Laboratory.