Technology serving creativity

The FabLab is a creativity and innovation accelerator, a place that offers tools and training in the techniques of rapid prototype development, so ideas and uses can be tested before any possible industrial launch. It allows an idea to be made reality.

The FabLab is open to all students and staff of the institute who want to work on educational, research and personal projects.

The hub has a surface area of 180 m2 and is supervised by staff of the institute and co-hosted with students from the FabLab society.

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The FabLab’s toolkit

  • Ultimaker 3D printers.
  • Laser, plasma cutters (for wood, metals, etc.).
  • Milling machines.
  • Numerical control lathe.
  • Vinyl cutter.
  • Band saws.
  • Drill presses.
  • Sewing machines.
Découpeuse laser FabLab