Partnership agreements and levels

Become a partner of École Centrale de Lyon and make a name for yourself among our students and future graduates!

Partnership agreements

Business partnerships revolve around three main focal points:

  • Image: to develop your employer brand.
  • Educational content: to participate in lesson content.
  • Sourcing: to hire interns or recent graduates.

Partnership agreements are established for one to three years and are adapted to the needs of the company regardless of its size, from start-ups and small and medium businesses to large international groups.

Partnership levels

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Partnerships are broken down into four categories, which can then be adapted to the needs and expectations of the company to ensure initiatives obtain full effect. Each category offers a particular intensity of collaboration.

PRIORIS partnership

  • ‘Standard’ image pack
  • 2 education initiatives
  • 3 sourcing actions

PREFERENCE partnership

  • ‘Preferential’ image pack
  • 3 education initiatives from a selection
  • 4 sourcing actions including 1 dedicated event

PRIVILEGE partnership

  • ‘Continuous’ image pack
  • 4 education initiatives from a selection
  • 5 sourcing actions including 2 dedicated events

PREMIUM partnership

  • ‘Customised’ image pack
  • 4 education initiatives from a selection
  • 6 sourcing actions including 3 dedicated events

Partnership agreements Strengthen your employer brand

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