Open innovation at Centrale Lyon

Open innovation is at the core of what ties École Centrale de Lyon to its partners. With its tradition of training young engineers with open minds and an ability to integrate into professional roles, Centrale Lyon has naturally absorbed the standards of open innovation into its relationships with businesses. École Centrale de Lyon demonstrates its undeniable resources for accompanying businesses in their growth and innovation through its rich ecosystem of:

  • national and international students who are among the best of their generation;
  • a devoted and highly skilled faculty;
  • extremely active researchers who perfectly understand the pressing issues of the socio-economic world.

Five themes thought with and for business

Centrale Lyon’s offer has been created with companies and for companies. It comprises five themes: employer brand, education, research and innovation, facilities and patronage.

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École Centrale de Lyon offers a number of very important actions based on these five themes. Those actions provide companies with flexible, dynamic support and the institute’s rich resources in the advancement of innovation. The company can develop a part of its innovation at École Centrale de Lyon through the use of projects and challenges based on innovation and creativity directed at students (employer brand), seminars and round tables organised at the institute (education), technology surveillance conducted by research personnel or the hosting of start-ups (research & innovation), access to our platforms (facilities) and backing for training equipment (patronage).

For more information: contact the Business Relations and Development Department (DDRE).