Yves Robach

Professor Emeritus in Physics (CNU 28)STMS/INL

Yves Robach graduated in Engineering from École supérieure
de physique et chimie industrielles (ESPCI) and holds a PhD in
Biophysics from the University of Strasbourg. He has successively
been Associate Professor and Professor at École Centrale de Lyon
since 1983, and is currently Head of the Department of Materials
Science and Surface Engineering (STMS). He has authored more
than fifty peer-reviewed journal articles. His research fields at the
Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology (INL) concern the physics of
surfaces and thin films, near field microscopes and the integration
of functional oxides on silicon. He is a member of the French
Physical Society. In parallel he teaches Matter Physics, Nuclear
Engineering and Nanotechnology at L’École Centrale de Lyon. He
also teaches Solid Physics at École Centrale de Pékin. He was a
member of the l’École Centrale de Lyon board of directors from
2004 to 2012.