Ségolène Callard

Professor of solid-state physics (CNU 28)Associate Director of Studies for Common Core CoursesSTMS/INL

Segolene Callard graduated from École Centrale de Lyon a received her PhD in material Science in 1996. After a postdoc in Italy in INFM at ST-Microelectronics, she joined École Centrale de Lyon in 1998. Currently full Professor, she lectures physics and more particularly light/matter interaction and quantum mechanics. Researcher at the Institute of Nanotechnology of Lyon (INL), she focuses in the phenomena of ultimate confinement of light in photonic nanostructures and their characterization by scanning near-field optical microscopy techniques. Assistant Director of studies for the core curriculum, she is involved in the definition and implementation of the courses at École Centrale de Lyon, in connection with the other higher education institutions, specifically ENS Lyon.