Patrick Serrafero

Associate professor in mechatronicsMSGMGC/LTDS

Engineer from École Centrale de Lyon and a Cornell University graduate in Materials Science, Patrick Serrafero started his career at Michelin in Greenville (USA) as a product designer before joining Schneider Electric in Grenoble (FR). He founded in 1988 the Kade-Tech company which became the French leader in digital engineering knowledge bases management before joining, in 2000, the Cegos Group. He now leads the KAD/KAM International, a consulting company specializing in knowledge management for digital engineering while performing the function of Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics System Engineering at École Centrale de Lyon. Founder of the EPSA "school-company" dedicated to the rapid and robust engineering of ecological prototype competition vehicles, he is also a graduate of the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and a trustee of various companies.