Olivier Bareille

Head of the Solid Mechanics - Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering Departement (MSGMGC)Co-Head of the Transport and Traffic OptionAssociate professorMSGMGC/LTDS

Olivier BAREILLE is a former student from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan where he passed the Agrégation in Mechanical Engineering. After a master degree on ultrasonics applied to tomography imaging at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics in Marseille, he prepared a PhD in vibroacoustics at the Ecole Centrale Lyon in the Laboratory of Tribology and Dynamics of Systems.

Olivier BAREILLE is currently a senior lecturer in École Centrale Lyon (University of Lyon – France), where he works on vibro-acoustics applied to structural health monitoring and to the identification of composite structures properties.

He is also involved in the teaching of basic courses in mechanical engineering as well as advanced lectures in dynamics and vibrations. His expertise covers both theoretical and practical subjects taught at the École Centrale Lyon, École Centrale Beijing…

Key words : vibration, wave, mid-frequencies, structural properties identification.