Nicolas Hourcade

Head of the Humanities Languages and Sport Departement (SHLS)SHLS

Nicolas Hourcade is an alumnus of ENS Cachan, and has been teaching at École Centrale de Lyon since 2001, first as a temporary research and education attaché (ATER) and then since 2003, as an associate professor of Social Sciences. He is the director of the Human and Social Sciences Education Unit, and teaches general sociology as well as organisational and work sociology. He also teaches an optional module in political sociology. He is a board member of the Professional Education Unit, within which he takes part in many activities and is in charge of the Expression workshops connected with the year long first year group projects. He is also the head teacher, along with Catherine Musy-Bassot, of the blue and white collar internships. He also leads the Subject Evaluation Comity with Clotilde Minfray.