Laure Flandrin

Associate professor in social sciencesSHLS

Laure Flandrin is a former student of the ENS de Lyon, with a degree in social sciences, and is responsible for teaching economics in the first year of the common core curriculum. She also teaches in the EU Human and Social Sciences (SHS) in the second year as well as in various optional S8 courses devoted to major socio-economic issues (globalization, ecological and energy transition, waste, etc.). Highly involved in the cultural life of École Centrale de Lyon, she organizes the Ethical Cafés with the help of a team of second-year students.

Associate researcher at the Max Weber Center, Laure Flandrin works on the sociology of social (sociology of affects), economic (renewal of forms of economic domination around the promotion of a morality of vigilance) and professional (ethics of engineers) morals.