Jean-Marc Petit

Director of the LIRISProfessor in Computer Science (CNU 27)

Holder of the master's degree in computer science and modeling from the University of Lyon 1 operated at ENS Lyon (1992), doctor in computer science from the University of Lyon 1 (1996), Jean-Marc Petit heads the Laboratory of InfoRmatique en Image and Information Systems (LIRIS) since January 1, 2021, after having been Deputy Director from 2015 to 2020. As VP Research (2012-2014) and President (2015-2018) of the “Société Informatique de France”, he engaged to promote the computer science discipline in France.

He was responsible at INSA Lyon for the Master program in Informatics from 2007 to 2015. He teaches in the computer science department of INSA Lyon, where he was responsible for relations with companies (2018-2020). He co-initiated at LIRIS in 2016 the Datavalor offer carried by Insavalor to improve academic-industry transfer on data valuation. His research focuses on declarative approaches for data science, including cross-fertilizations between machine learning and databases, interesting pattern enumeration problems, and unified management of data, streams and services.