Jean-Luc Loubet

CNRS Research DirectorSTMS/LTDS

Jean-Luc Loubet is docteur d’État es sciences and Senior
Researcher at the French CNRS. He is currently Vice-President
of the Scientific Board at École Centrale de Lyon, President of
the Institut Carnot Ingénierie@Lyon and Vice-President of the
Association des Instituts Carnot (AiCarnot). He conducts his
research at the Tribology and System Dynamics Laboratory (LTDS),
a French CNRS joint research unit at École Centrale de Lyon, and is
an international expert on contact mechanics. Following research
stints in the United States and at École polytechnique fédérale
de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, his research has focused on
the understanding of dynamic characteristics of contacts and the
mechanical properties of thin and very thin films. His essentially
experimental approach resorts to synergies between academia
and industrial partnerships. He has developed research at the
macroscopic and the molecular scales.