Jacqueline Vacherand-Revel

Associate professor in work psychology (CNU 16)CLES

Jacqueline Jacqueline Vacherand-Revel holds a PhD in Psychology and an accreditation to supervise research in work and organisational psychology. She is a researcher at the GRePs Laboratory at the University of Lyon. Her research interests address the activities in interaction with and via digital technologies, news professional practices of work for executives and innovators (cooperative work in project team, multi-localized, telework, networking) and the ethnography of design activities of innovative technological products. She is Lecturer and Head of the Department of Communications, Languages, Business and Sports (CLES) at École Centrale de Lyon. She is member of the École Centrale de Lyon board of directors and management committee. She also heads the Master on cooperative work and networks, a joint master programme with the University of Lyon 2 in which she provides research training to École Centrale de Lyon and Humanities students.