Guy Stremsdoerfer

Professor emeritus of chemistry and electrochemistry (CNU 33)STMS/LTDS

Guy Stremsdoerfer holds a PhD in Chemistry and is Professor Emeritus at École Centrale de Lyon. He heads Chemistry courses and coheads the Energy track in third year. He has conducted research on "surface treatment", particularly in the field of wet plating. Responsible for about 200 research and expertise programmes, he is a registered scientific expert by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. As an inventor and the holder of several patents, he founded technological start-ups such as JetMetal Consulting in 1998, JetMetal Technologies (JMT) in 2007 and Metal-Liquide in 2013. He carries out his research within the Tribology and System Dynamics Laboratory (LTDS) and the JMT laboratory. He was awarded several international prizes and continues to develop international cooperation programmes.