Fabrice Thouverez

Head of the Laboratory of Tribology and Systems Dynamics (LTDS)Professor in structures vibration (CNU 60)MSGMGC/LTDS

Fabrice Thouverez graduated in Engineering and holds a PhD
in Mechanics from École Centrale de Lyon. He had a fellowship at
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in rotor-dynamic
control field. Professor at École Centrale de Lyon since 2002,
he develops his research activities at the Tribology and System
Dynamics Laboratory (LTDS) in the field of nonlinear dynamics
especially for aeronautics applications. He has been Head of the
Department of Solid Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering and
Civil Engineering for ten years. Currently, he is managing the
Dynamics – Reliability – Durability research team at LTDS. He
heads the PHARE project dedicated to the characterisation of
turbomachinery. He has authored or co-authored about seventy
articles in peer-reviewed international journals and more than 100
communications in international and national conferences. Fabrice
Thouverez is an elected member of the L’École Centrale de Lyon
scientific board. He is part of several scientific committees and is
a reviewer for various scientific journals.