Fabrice Dassenoy

Head of the Materials and Surface Sciences (STMS)Professor in materials science (CNU 31)STMS/LTDS

Holding a PhD in Materials Science from the Paul-Sabatier
University of Toulouse, Fabrice Dassenoy spent three years at
the Max-Planck Institute of Berlin before joining École Centrale
de Lyon first as Assistant Professor before getting promoted to
Professor. As an expert in nanomaterials, his research conducted
at the Tribology and System Dynamics Laboratory (LTDS) is related
to the study of the tribological properties of the nanoparticles
used as lubricant additives, with a particular interest in
understanding the lubrication mechanisms of these nanomaterials
and in the optimisation of their lubricating properties. He teaches
Materials Science at École Centrale de Lyon with a focus on the
characterisation techniques.