Emmanuelle Laurenceau

Associate professor of chemistry and biology (CNU 33)STMS/INL

Emmanuelle Laurenceau holds a PhD in chemistry-biomaterials (1995) and « Habilitation à Diriger la Recherche » (2015). She was assistant professor at the University Paris-13 (1996 to 2002) then joined the CNRS - BioMérieux joint research unit (ENS-Lyon). In 2004, she was transferred to École Centrale de Lyon, where she taught chemistry and biology-biotechnology (L3 to M2). Her areas of interest are protein-surface interactions for biomedical applications. Her current research focuses on the development of miniaturized tools for the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer, but also on the development of new surface chemistries to control the adhesion of cells to materials. Emmanuelle Laurenceau is also involved in various authorities of ECL (Scientific Council, Education Unit Director, Deputy Director of the STMS department, Correspondent for the Master of Health Engineering, Co-responsible for 3A track).