Christophe Corre

Director of ResearchProfessor of fluid mechanics (CNU 60)MFAE/LMFA

Christophe Corre graduated in Engineering from École nationale supérieure de techniques avancées (ENSTA), holds a PhD from École nationale supérieure d’arts et métiers (ENSAM) and an accreditation to supervise research from Paris-VI University. He was successively Assistant Professor at ENSAM Paris and the SINUMEF/DynFluid Laboratory (numerical simulation in fluid mechanics) and Professor at École Nationale Supérieure de l’Energie, l’Eau et l’Environnement (ENSE3³) in Grenoble and at the Laboratory of Geophysical and Industrial Flows, before joining École Centrale de Lyon and the Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory (LMFA) in 2014 within the Turbulence and Instabilities research group. His teaching and research activities address the numerical simulation and optimisation of flows, more particularly for applications connected with renewable energies. Since 2021, he has been Director of Research at the École Centrale de Lyon.