Christian Seassal

Director of the Lyon Institute of NanotechnologyCNRS Research DirectorEEA/INL

Christian Seassal is Senior Researcher at the French CNRS,
and Deputy Director of the Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology
(INL). He graduated from INSA de Lyon (1993) and received his
PhD from École Centrale de Lyon in 1997. His research activities
concern photonic nanostructures and their applications for
integrated photonics and solar photovoltaics. He has authored
and co-authored about 110 research papers in international
journals, and of over 50 invited conferences. He is member of the
Optical Society (OSA), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers (IEEE) and the Materials Research Society (MRS). He is
deputy editor of the OSA Optics Express Journal, and editor of its
supplement Energy Express. He received the French CNRS bronze
medal in 2002.