Teaching and research departments

École Centrale de Lyon’s six teaching and research departments are tasked with facilitating, developing and coordinating the engineering programmes along with continuing investigation and innovation in their respective scientific fields.

They also act as the bridge between Centrale Lyon’s management and the facilities attached to their departments. A department organises and coordinates the human and material resources allocated to their fields, and it maintains and develops links with a joint research unit.

Humanities, Languages and Sport (SHLS)

Department Head: Nicolas HOURCADE
Secretariat: Corinne Cottaz
Location: Building D5, 1st floor

The "Humanities, Languages and Sport" Department (SHLS) combines the fields of human and social sciences, economics and management, languages and cultures, physical education and sports.

It has four teaching teams and provides three teaching modules to the core subjects syllabus: Economics and management, Human and social sciences, and Languages and cultures. The teams are highly involved in the institute’s activities and they enrich the students’ intellectual, cultural and sporting lives through various events and lectures. As such, the teams contribute to Centrale Lyon’s national and international image and to its partnership network (both academic and business).

Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automation (EEA)

Department Head: Eric BLANCO
Secretariat: Laureleen SANDRIN
Location: Building H9

The "Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automation" Department (EEA) groups together the fields of electrical engineering in the broadest sense, with a systems approach from the perspective of electrical energy and information (electronics, automation, signal processing). The system’s approach forms part of the basic methodology of a general engineer. Furthermore, electrical energy and information are nowadays two very important societal issues.

The department has four teaching teams and provides two teaching modules to the core subjects syllabus: ‘Electrical energy and system control’ and ‘Information technology and science’.

Affiliated with the Ampère Laboratory, INL and the EEA doctoral school.

Mathematics and Computer Science (MI)

Department Head: Marie-Christophette Blanchet
Secretariat: Isabelle Dominique
Location: Building E6, 2nd floor

The "Mathematics and Computer Science" Department (MI) groups together the disciplines of applied mathematics and computer science.

The department counts on two teaching teams to provide two teaching modules to the core subjects syllabus: Mathematics and Computer science, covering the scientific fundamentals for any future general engineer. It also offers two options in third year and several co-accredited master’s degrees that open professional doors and also research possibilities across a broad range of areas within applied mathematics and computer science.

Affiliated with: ICJ, LIRIS and the INFOMATHS doctoral school.

Fluid Mechanics, Acoustics and Energy (MFAE)

Department Head:  Pietro Salizzoni
Secretariat: Sylviane Guyot and Marie-Gabrielle Perriaux
Location: Building I11

The "Fluid Mechanics, Acoustics and Energy" Department combines the disciplinary fields of fluid mechanics, acoustics and energy.

The department is composed of three teaching teams and offers one teaching module within the core subjects syllabus, entitled ‘Fluids and Energy’. It houses three educational facilities (classroom, computer room, over 25 testing rigs for demonstrating fluid mechanics, acoustics and energy) and considerable resources in the study of acoustics, such as reverberation chambers and an anechoic room. Significant testing resources are available, for example the CREATE turbomachine test rig, the wind tunnel with anechoic chamber of the acoustics centre and an atmospheric wind tunnel.

Affiliated with: LMFA and the MEGA doctoral school.

Solid Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering (MSGMGC)

Department Head: Eric Vincens
Secretariat: Isabelle Tixier and Béatrice Chervet
Location: Building E6

The "Solid Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering" Department (MSGMGC) combines the disciplines of solid mechanics, mechanical technology and the mechanics of vibrations, along with other related theoretical and practical fields.

The department is composed of three teaching teams and offers three teaching modules among the core subjects syllabus: Mechanical engineering, Mechanics of solids and structures and Continuing education. The classes on solid mechanics and mechanical and civil engineering offer students a scientific grounding with the overall aim of instilling in them a high-quality scientific and technical understanding of mechanical engineering and the mechanics of solids and structures. These modules are based on the strong interaction between formal education and research and are closely linked to industrial partners. The department has access to 15 machines (conventional and digitally controlled machine tools).

Affiliated with: LTDS and the MEGA doctoral school.

Material and Surface Sciences and Techniques (STMS)

Department Head: Fabrice Dassenoy
Secretariat: Thérèse Martin
Location: Building F7, 4th floor

The "Material and Surface Sciences and Techniques" Department (STMS) groups together the fields of matter physics, material engineering physics and surface physics.

The department comprises three teaching teams and contributes two teaching modules to the core subjects syllabus: Materials engineering and Physics and chemistry of matter.

Affiliated with: INL, LTDS and the EDML doctoral school.