Collège des Hautes Études - Lyon Science[s]

Criss-crossing perspectives and enriching curricula

The Collège des Hautes Études - Lyon Science[s] is the creation of six member and associate institutions of the Université de Lyon: École Centrale de Lyon, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Sciences Po Lyon, VetAgro Sup, CNSMD Lyon and Mines Saint-Étienne.

For greater understanding of contemporary global issues and harnessing the power of networking, it was essential to pull down the rigid barriers separating different fields of study. CHEL[s] seeks to prepare students for the complexity of the professional world by providing them with indispensable aptitudes, such as adaptability, entrepreneurship and creativity, among others.

Shared modules

Couverture plaquette CHELS 2020

Students of CHEL[s] can choose to take a teaching module in any of the network’s institutions, other than their home university. These modules are mutually recognised to the benefit of the student’s educational path (ECTS credits applied by each institution).

Joint course

The lecturer-researchers of the six CHEL[s] institutions have developed a joint course based on a given topic. Taking the point of view of each represented specialisation, this course enables several perspectives to be cross-examined on a single social issue. The lecturer-researchers each have a two-hour lecture to convey their point of view and set out avenues for further studies.

This joint course is open to CHEL[s] students and the general public.

Completion of the course leads to a certificate and ECTS credits.


CHEL[s] offers an interdisciplinary MOOC (Massive Online Open Course). A dozen teachers from the six CHEL[s] establishments summarise their two-hour talk into two to three short videos.

MOOCs are broadcast on the FUN platform.

CHEL[s] initiatives

Événement étudiant CHELS

The CHEL[s] initiatives are collaborative projects led by students from at least two CHEL[s] institutions. These initiatives can be projects based on research, events, culture or humanitarian issues. They demonstrate the complementary nature of the subjects taught at each of the CHEL[s] establishments. CHEL[s] can provide up to €2,500 to support these projects.

What they thought:

Louis, Centrale Lyon student: ‘For me, CHEL[s] has been like an open door, an invitation to realign your point of view by considering the complexity of reality and the multiplicity of approaches and methods to be grasped.’

Nathan, Centrale Lyon student: ‘I fully enjoyed the “Monetary Crises, Financial Crises” course at Sciences Po Lyon. My questions were answered by a passionate, lively teacher who enabled me to understand some of the major inner workings of the monetary and financial world, by which I could broaden my knowledge of the world.’

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