Faces of Centrale Lyon

Here you can find those who teach and research at École Centrale de Lyon.

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  • Emmanuel Dellandrea

    Lab Manager of the LIRIS at Centrale LyonAssociate professor in computer science (CNU 27)MI/LIRIS

    • Emmanuel Dellandréa is Associate Professor at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France, since 2004. He was awarded a Master and Engineering degrees in Computer Science [...]
  • Jean-Marc Petit

    Director of the LIRISProfessor in Computer Science (CNU 27)

    • Holder of the master's degree in computer science and modeling from the University of Lyon 1 operated at ENS Lyon (1992), doctor in computer science from the [...]
    • http://liris.cnrs.fr/jean-marc.petit
  • Bertrand David

    Professor Emeritus of computer science (CNU 27)MI/LIRIS

    • After a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic, Bertrand David studied the technical and theoretical aspects [...]
  • Stéphane Derrode

    Professor of computer science (CNU 27)MI/LIRIS

    • Holding an Engineering degree in Telecommunications, and a PhD from the University of Rennes in the field of signal and image processing, Stéphane Derrode was [...]
    • http://perso.ec-lyon.fr/derrode.stephane/
  • Romain Vuillemot

    Associate professor of computer science (CNU 27)MI/LIRIS

    • Romain Vuillemot holds a PhD in Computer Science from INSA Lyon since 2010 in the field of data visualization research. He was invited to the University of [...]
  • Mohand-Saïd Hacid

    Professor in Computer Science (CNU 27)LIRIS

  • Liming Chen

    Professor in computer science (CNU 27)MI/LIRIS

    • Liming Chen is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. He received his BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University [...]
  • Mohsen Ardabilian

    Associate professor in computer science (CNU 27)MI/LIRIS

    • Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Compiegne University of Technology, Mohsen ARDABILIAN is associate Professor in computer science at Ecole Centrale de Lyon [...]
  • René Chalon (ECL87)

    Head of the Centrale Digital LabAssociate professor of computer science (CNU 27)MI/LIRIS

    • René Chalon obtained a Master in Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science from École Centrale de Lyon. He worked for ten years as a research engineer at the [...]