Governance and organisation

Organisation chart

Organigramme de l'École Centrale de Lyon

École Centrale de Lyon is a scientific, cultural and professional public establishment (EPCSCP).

The institute is led by a principal supported by a management team. Its organisation is divided into departments that are responsible for achieving synergy between the two key missions of the institute: education and research. The six departments coordinate the actions of research units and teaching units.

Centrale Lyon is supervised by a Senate that is assisted by a Studies Council and a Scientific Council. These three bodies comprise members who represent all categories of people at the institute, as well as external members from institutions and industries.

Management team

  • Principal: Pascal RAY
  • Chief of Staff: Stéphanie LANSON
  • Services director: Delphine GARDETTE
  • Patronage: Joseph ROLLAND
  • Accounting officer, finance department: Valérie DEMULE
  • Director of studies: Grégory VIAL
  • Director of research: Christophe CORRE
  • International relations development director: Richard PERKINS
  • Business relations and development director: Mohamed ICHCHOU
  • Major Transitions Development Department: Stéphanie LANSON
  • Communications director: Béatrice TRAVERSE
  • ​​​​​​​Library manager: Clarisse MARANDIN


  • Chair: Jacques MAIGNÉ
  • Vice-chair: Fabienne LACORRE