Research & development

Director: José PENUELAS


The objective of this formation is to provide the basics of the profession of Research and Development Engineer (R&D), by relying on innovation, in conjunction with the major current challenges (resources in water and energy, information technologies, emerging countries ...). Students will be introduced to conducting research projects through case studies, as well as creativity techniques. This goes hand in hand with an awareness of the context of current research and its structures (national and international), and with a responsible questioning of the notions of progress and innovation. The goal is to achieve a competence of actor of innovation capable of ensuring the link between R&D and its extensions in the industrial process.

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate an R&D / innovation problem
  • Be able to be creative in finding a solution in R&D
  • Implement a research dynamic and its funding in the current context
  • Be able to think on the societal scope of your research



IRD 3.1 (40%) + IRD 3.2 (30%) + IRD3.3 or master course (30%)