Technological and environmental risks management

Director: Pietro SALIZZONI, Richard PERKINS


Risk is omnipresent in the engineering profession, and the ability to analyze and control risk is an essential skill for engineers. The objectives of this Teaching Unit are to provide future engineers with the knowledge necessary to identify the potential risks - natural or technological - to which they are exposed, and to train them in the tools necessary for their management, in an economic, legal and societal. In this training, environmental risks - the impact of the environment on human activity, and the impact of human activity on the environment are targeted in particular. Any consideration of financial risks and financial engineering is therefore excluded from training, except for the role played by insurance companies in risk management. All the modules of the profession are part of the Master Risks and Environment (RisE) common to the École Centrale de Lyon, the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Lyon 2 and the Institute of Environmental Law of Université Lyon 3. Teaching will be provided by teacher-researchers from the three institutions, and the various modules will also be followed by students from the other two establishments, registered in the Master RisE.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the phenomena at the origin of major natural and technological risks
  • Use modeling tools to assess the impact of different risks on humans and the environment
  • Develop models to quantify the uncertainties associated with the occurrence and consequences of different hazards
  • Propose economic tools to quantify the consequences of different risks and specify the legislative framework to prevent and mitigate them
  • Work and communicate in a multidisciplinary context