Sectoral Courses

Director: Mohsen ARDABILIAN
10 ECTS214 hTD


UE (164h+50h project)

I - Specific modules of the Engineering fields of applications (80h+50h project)

In this unit, the student must choose a module among 7:

  • AE - Aeronautics
  • BIN - Bio-Engineering and Nanotechnologies
  • EN - Energy
  • GCE - Civil Engineering and Environment
  • INFO - Computer
  • MD - Mathematics and Decision
  • TT - Transportation and Traffic

The grade of the specific module is calculated from the weighted averages of the courses taken in each module. The module is validated if the average is above 10.

II - Open modules of the Engineering fields of applications (84h) In addition to this specialization, students choose three courses among 32 courses(MOS):

Slot 1 Monday 8:00-12:00 MOS 1.1 Transonic Aerodynamics MOS 2.1 Decision Support Algorithms MOS 3.1 Electromagnetic compatibility MOS 4.1 Natural Ressources and their management (English) MOS 5.1 Advanced Foundation Engineering MOS 6.1 Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials MOS 7.1 Stability of Rotating Machines (English)

Slot 2 Wednesday 8:00-12:00 MOS 1.2 Transportation Noise (English) MOS 2.2 Computer Graphics MOS 3.2 Structures for Power Generation MOS 4.2 Atmospheric Pollution (English) MOS 6.2 Strategic Management MOS 7.2 Structural and System Health Monitoring (English)

Slot 3 Wednesday 14:00-18:00 MOS 1.3 Vehicule Design MOS 2.3 Choice of Materials and Assemblies MOS 3.3 Hybrid Electric Vehicules: Modelling and Energy Management MOS 4.3 Managing Business Information Systems MOS 5.3 Physical Problems in Unbounded Media: Mathematical Analysis and Numerics (English) MOS 6.3 Microsystems, Biosensors, Microfluidics MOS 7.3 Civil Engineering Works

Slot 4 Friday 8:00-12:00 MOS 1.4 Active Control of Noise and Vibrations (English) MOS 2.4 Macro Energie MOS 3.4 Traffic Flow Theory and Management MOS 4.4 Information Technology MOS 5.4 Complex Phenomena and Structural Dynamics

Slot 5 Friday 13:30-17:30 MOS 1.5 Functionalised thin Layers and Surfaces MOS 2.5 Dynamics of Mechanisms MOS 3.5 Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery MOS 4.5 Coastal and Ocean Engineering (English) MOS 5.5 Interactive Data Visualisation MOS 6.5 Times Series Econometrics MOS 7.5 Energy and Environmental Impact

The grade of the open module is the average of the three MOS grades.

III - Assessment

The UE score is the weighted sum of the specific module (50%) and the open module (50%). The UE is validated if the grade is greater than 10 and the score of each courses within each module is greater than 10.