Engineer in industrial and environmental risk management

Coordinator: P. Salizzoni

This course aims to provide future engineers with the necessary knowledge to identify potential hazards (natural or technological) and educate them in the tools necessary to manage those risks, considering economic, legal and social constraints.

Risk is everywhere in the engineering profession. The ability to analyse and control risk is an essential skill.

The course focuses on environmental risks: how human activity affects the environment and vice versa. The consideration of financial risks is excluded except for the role played by insurance companies in the management of risk.

All modules in this course form part of the Master’s in environmental risk governance (RisE) which is offered by École Centrale de Lyon and the Economics and Management Faculty of Lyon 2 University and the Environmental Law Institute of Lyon 3 University. Lectures are provided by faculty members of the three institutions.

Career prospects: careers are available in many industrial sectors (process engineering, civil engineering, transportation) as well as land development and management.

To find out more, please see the programme for this profession (in French).