Research Partnership and Promotion Office

The missions of the Research Partnership and Promotion Office are grouped together into 4 principal divisions.

Project engineering

  • Monitoring and dissemination of information to researchers on calls for projects by ANR, DGCIS, regional and European bodies, etc.
  • Support for project creation.
  • Budget calculations for projects.
  • Verification of eligibility conditions.

Administrative and finance

  • Administrative and financial monitoring of research agreements.
  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Invoice and collection tracking.
  • Submission of deliverables to funders.


Negotiation and drafting of contracts linked to research (consortium agreements, research collaboration contracts, joint-property accord, licences, non-disclosure agreements, etc.).

Research promotion

  • Transfer of technology developed by Centrale Lyon laboratories, in conjunction with Pulsalys (SATT Lyon Saint-Étienne).
  • Support for researchers in beginning a business in relation to company incubators.
  • Management of patents, disclosure of inventions, software and resulting licences.