LTDS - Laboratory of Tribology and System Dynamics



Jean-Luc LOUBET, Director.

Under the aegis of

  • École Centrale de Lyon
  • CNRS
  • École nationale d’ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne (ENISE)

Fields of research

  • Tribology (study of friction, wear and tear, lubrication and adhesion)
  • Structure and system dynamics (control of vibrations, control of system stability and mechanical parts)
  • Mechanics of materials and processes (behaviour of materials and living tissues in relation to their microstructure, computational mechanics of surfaces)
  • Geomaterials - geoenvironment (structural and edifice analysis, soil mechanics)

The laboratory has 300 staff members and a consolidated budget of €13 million.

Primary experiment facilities

  • Original tribometers,
  • rotating machinery dynamics,
  • contact fatigue,
  • high-performance procedures,
  • bio-engineering of living tissues,
  • technical analyses of surfaces and materials,
  • microscopes, simulators, vibration test rigs.

Fields of application

  • Land and air transportation
  • Sports and leisure
  • Mechanical, materials, civil engineering
  • Oil industry
  • Energy
  • Cosmetology
  • Textiles
  • Biotechnology and life sciences


Écully, Saint-Étienne, Vaux-en-Velin.

LTDS – Laboratory of Tribology and System Dynamics LTDS - UMR CNRS 5513

Member of

Carnot Institute Engineering@Lyon

Competition hubs

AXELERA, Techtera, Mov’eo, Plastipolis, Viameca, Lyon Urban Truck and Bus…

3 Laboratories of Excellence (LabEx)

  • CeLyA
  • Imust project
  • SISE-MANUTECH project

3 Facilities of Excellence (EquipEx) including 2 led by the LTDS

  • IVTV (led by the LTDS)
  • PHARE (led by the LTDS)

1 Associate International Laboratory (LIA)

ELyTLab with the University of Tohoku (Japan)