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As a pioneer in embracing internationalism, École Centrale de Lyon has established close-knit ties with over 100 universities worldwide. Agreements have been signed to create partnerships and double degrees that relate to research and the exchange of students and teaching staff.

Thanks to the quality of its research and general engineer programme, Centrale Lyon has gained an international presence and recognition that have allowed it to carry out a pro-active, selective networking policy. In particular, it is a member of several international networks.

École Centrale de Lyon also energetically follows an international research policy, characterised by the establishment of International Associated Laboratories (LIA) and International Joint Units (UMI), endorsed by the CNRS.

Aside from these institutional partnerships, École Centrale de Lyon can permit students to obtain a Master’s degree at a host university with which Centrale Lyon does not hold a formal exchange agreement.

On the map, you can find our exchange agreements relating to double degrees, Erasmus exchange semester/year, non-Erasmus exchange programme and general exchange framework agreements.