Sport at Centrale Lyon: an institution

Sporting activities form an integral part of an engineering student’s education at Centrale Lyon.

The practice of a sport is a compulsory element of the syllabus; it even has its own teaching module. Students can choose between three profiles:

  • sports and physical education (6 to 8-week cycles),
  • single sport (a chosen speciality),
  • competitive (obligatory training and university tournaments).

With athletics, rowing, climbing, judo, rugby, tennis and many others, there is something for everyone! Each student can choose their sports at the start of the year from among some 20 individual and team options.

Students also have the opportunity to practise sports at a more leisurely pace, thanks to the activities offered by the student societies such as Challenge, Trekking, the Mountain Club and the Piston Ski Club.

The Sports Bureau (BDS) manages the different aspects of clubs and sports at Centrale Lyon. This bureau organises sporting events such as tournaments between the different floors of student residences and even a sports weekend.