Big events

The WEEEIIIIII is here!

WEI 2019

The Weekend Integration (WEI) is run by a group of students responsible for integrating new students. Over this fortnight-long weekend, newcomers discover the campus, the clubs and societies and the city of Lyon. First-year students join in on the many nights out, receive their Centrale nickname and are each paired with a senior engineering student who acts as their mentor.

These two weeks are an excellent opportunity for new students to learn the new surroundings in which they will study and work but also rest and play! The event begins at the start of the academic year at a location that is kept secret until the last minute.

The Gala: the night of the year!

Gala 2019

The Eclyps Gala takes place in November and bookends the studies of third-year students at Centrale Lyon. For other engineer students, it is a spectacular night out organised with great aplomb. On the programme are processions, renowned artists and entertainment, all wrapped up in fun!

The Challenge

Challenge 2019

The Challenge is a sports event that has been organised by Centrale Lyon since 1983. It brings together over 40 schools from the most famousFrench and international engineering schools. Three thousand students are pitted against one another across 20 sports (badminton, basketball, fencing, football, golf, etc.). It takes place on campus in March during one weekend.


Intercentrales 2019 - pom pom

This is the tournament for the five Écoles Centrales in France. It involves five team sports and a cheerleading contest. Centrale Lyon has 16 victories to its name!

The CommuZ’

Commuz 2019

Another unmissable event for your calendar in March: the CommuZ’ is a musical comedy performed by students from École Centrale de Lyon and emlyon business school. The show unites talented comedians, singers, dancers, musicians, stage designers, directors, script writers and producers. Feel like showing off your artistic talents? Auditions are in November!

The Trek

Raid 2019 course

This paired orienteering race takes place in the Vercors mountain range. It mixes biking and running with a magnificent, mountainous backdrop. More than 280 participants from thirty schools and universities take part every year.