Michel Serres Library

Entrée de la Bibliothèque Michel Serres

The Michel Serres Library is located at the heart of the campus where it is open to all users of the institute. It contains over 120,000 texts, journals and documents shelved across its 1,000 m² floor space. The library has several missions:

  • Provide access to documents needed for studies and research. The subject areas cover engineering, literature and the arts, human and social science, economics, law, management, career guidance, as well as world languages and cultures. Entertainment resources are also provided (music CDs, music booths, tourist guides, etc.).
  • Preserve and promote the works of students and researchers of the institute as well as its heritage: theses, student projects, photos, antiquarian books, etc.
  • Offer a range of services and courses to optimise researching and using information.
  • Frequently host exhibitions and cultural events.

To find out more: visit the Michel Serres Library website

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