New school year FAQ

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  • I am studying for a master's or doctorate, are there on-campus rooms reserved for such students?

    • Some rooms at the Comparat residence are reserved for Master 1 and doctorate students. Although we cannot guarantee you will obtain a room, at the start of each academic year we usually have enough rooms for students in master and doctoral programmes. Please send an email to add your name to the waiting list. If a place opens up, you will be informed.

      This is the same case for the Adoma residence, and the procedure is the same. Please send an email to add your name to the waiting list.

  • I was properly enrolled for doctoral studies during the previous academic year, but I will defend my thesis between 01/09 and 31/12. Do I have to pay the CVEC for this new academic year?

    • No. You are not obliged to pay the CVEC if you are completing your studies in a period overrunning the original academic year and you do not have to pay any enrolment fees for the new academic year.

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