New school year FAQ

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  • I have applied for accommodation assistance, but they are requesting a recent document showing my student number. Where can I find this?

    • This number is stated on the certificate of attendance. If you do not yet have this certificate, it is usually given on your baccalaureate transcript if you took it in France or on French higher education transcripts or certificates.

  • If I have a room at the Adoma residence, can I apply for the APL (Personalised Accommodation Allowance)?

    • Yes, the studios allow you to apply for the APL. It will depend on your personal circumstances and eligibility.

  • If I have a room at the Comparat residence, can I apply for the APL (Personalised Accommodation Allowance)?

    • It is not actually the APL but the ALS (Social Accommodation Allowance) that you can apply for. To give you an idea, depending on your personal circumstances and eligibility, the monthly allowance to grant holders and non-grant holders in 2020 is €112 and €86 respectively. You can perform a simulation on the CAF website. To make sure you do not lose any entitlements, carry out the online procedures as soon as possible.

  • On the institute's website, it says there are student jobs on campus. Where can I get more information?

    • Small student jobs are offered by the campus administration.

      All job offers are issued at the start of the year and the information is included in the different notices. These student jobs are for only a few hours per week and paid at the minimum wage.

      If you would like to find work as a tutor or babysitter, such offers are available through societies and on MyECL (access is possible once you have your login details from the new academic year welcome).

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