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  • I am enrolled at two establishments. Studies at Centrale Lyon are not eligible for the CROUS grant, but they are at the other establishment. What should I do to obtain exemption?

    • You have to attach a certificate of attendance from the other course that permits exemption to your exemption declaration.

  • I have not received my provisional confirmation of a grant. What should I do?

    • You can still perform the online enrolment, without stating whether you are in receipt of a grant or not.

      If you receive the confirmation notice before the start of term (or end of September if you are not on campus), you can then file your grant notice on the enrolment website. This will allow Student Affairs to recalculate the fees.

      If this notice arrives after the start of term (or after 30/09 if you are not on campus), you will have to pay at least one-third of the fees. You will be refunded after you file your grant notice on the enrolment website.

      Under no circumstances should you declare that you are in receipt of a grant if you have not received any confirmation of it.

  • I receive a grant from Campus France. Do I have to pay the CVEC?

    • I receive a grant from Campus France. Do I have to pay the CVEC? No. You are exempt from paying the CVEC because you fall into one of the exemption categories set out in Article L. 841-5 of the Education Code (recipients of grants awarded under student aid schemes mentioned in Article L.821-1 of said code). However, you must perform the steps on the CVEC website to obtain your CVEC certificate. If you are enrolling as part of an international exchange programme, you do not have to do anything.

  • I received a conditional confirmation of the CROUS grant but École Centrale de Lyon does not appear on the list of institutes. What should I do?

    • Generally, we will take into account your situation.

      However, the situations that cannot be immediately considered relate to the ‘0 Bis’ grade of the grant where the distance from the home to the listed institutes is greater than to École Centrale de Lyon.

  • I still have not received my grant money. What should I do?

    • Firstly, check the document on the web portal.

      If it is a notice from the Lyon CROUS, your situation has to be checked with them.

      If it is a different CROUS and a transfer has been completed, send us the new notice through the web portal ( or depending on your situation). We will then be able to check your registration with them, which should release payment.

      If it is a different CROUS but the transfer has not yet been performed, check that you have carried out all necessary steps at your end. You will not receive any payment until you join the Lyon CROUS. Remember to upload onto the portal your new notice showing you are now with Lyon CROUS. This will allow us to validate payment.

  • Which students are exempt from paying the CVEC?

    • Article L. 841-5 of the French Education Code states that ‘students who hold, for the academic year in which the contribution is payable, a higher education grant or annual allowance awarded under the student aid schemes mentioned in Article L. 821-1 of this code shall be exempt from the payment of this contribution.’

      The relevant grants are those paid by any government ministry as well as those allocated by regional councils to students enrolled in paramedical and medico-social programmes. Similarly, the exemption is extended to students holding a grant awarded by a public higher education institute or education grant paid out of public funds.

      Students holding a French Government Grant (BGF) are exempt from paying the CVEC. However, grants from foreign governments (BGE) do not exempt the student from paying the CVEC.

      Any student who is exempt from the CVEC but mistakenly pays it may apply for a reimbursement. The application must be done online through, by 31 May of the academic year for which they paid the CVEC.

      Under a special rule, reimbursement of the CVEC is available to students undertaking education in prison who have paid the CVEC for their enrolment in a higher education institute.

      See also ‘Do international students have to pay the CVEC?

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