New school year FAQ

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  • How can I obtain a certificate of attendance?

    • When Student Affairs confirms your file and as long as you have paid at least 1/3 of the fees owed, you will be able to download the attendance certificate from the enrolment website.

      Student Affairs will not process any file until you have fully completed the data entry.

  • I cannot log in/My log-in details are incorrect. What should I do?

    • The registration site does not work on Mac.

      If you cannot log in, there could be several other reasons:

      • The application only works with Firefox and Chrome browsers (change browser).
      • There was a short interruption for an update, try again later.
      • If you are entering 2nd year at École Centrale de Lyon, click ‘re-enrol’ (link to the side).
      • Your username and password are wrong, please contact support at the IT Department.
  • I cannot upload a document. What should I do?

    • Except for photo ID, only PDF files are accepted. The aspect ratio should be between 5:3 and 1:1.

      It could be the file is too large. In this case, you should compress the file so that the file size is no more than 100 KB for the photo and 2 MB for files.

      Moreover, if the documents for your file have already been validated by Student Affairs, you will no longer be able to modify them directly on the enrolment website.

  • I have been admitted but have not received any email about enrolment.

    • Check your situation in the opening schedule for enrolments. If the scheduled date has passed, please contact Student Affairs to verify your situation.

  • I have been asked for an address, but I still do not have one. What should I do?

    • You should enrol anyway, even if you do not have a term-time address. The sooner you enrol, the sooner we will get back to you if your file is incomplete or invalid. You should just add your current address or a habitual address (e.g. your parents’ address). Once you have an address for the term/year, you can amend your address on the website.

      Log in to

  • I have uploaded new documents onto the enrolment website but have not received a reply.

    • You can check if your document has been validated by logging back into the enrolment website. If it has still not been validated, it will soon be processed. There are many people enrolling, and we do our utmost to process all files as quickly as possible.

  • I just checked a definitive "yes" and I didn't receive an email. Do I have to register at the School now?

    • Two situations are possible:

      1. You had previously choosen "yes but": you should normally have already received the link to register.
      2. You were on the waiting list and have just been admitted to the School after the second admission wave: you must receive a registration link on the Thursday following acceptance.

      If this is not the case, please contact the schooling service as soon as possible during the duty period from 1pm to 4pm on +33(0)4 72 18 64 00, from 18/08/2021.

  • I received an email about enrolment, but I am graduating soon. Why?

    • The École Centrale de Lyon senate voted to extend the academic calendar for the third year og the general engineer cursus and Master 2 on 30 September. Where there is an educational activity after that date (placement, defence, etc.), enrolment is compulsory. The rules on enrolment fees are the same as for all other academic years.

      If you are not in this situation, please contact Student Affairs to confirm your situation.

  • I received an email stating that my file was incomplete and that some documents were missing or wrong. What should I do?

    • This is usually to do with supporting documentation that is missing, illegible or invalid. Log in to the website and replace the relevant documents before the start of term.

      Check that the document is legible. If it is illegible, upload a new document after checking that you can read it! When you replace a document, you do not have to notify Student Affairs. The file will be processed.

      Examples of documents to be modified:

      • Documents that do not match your situation as stated on the enrolment website (e.g. grants, etc.) or for the academic year.
      • Documents that are not official.

      In any case, check the type of document required.

  • I wish to change a document uploaded to the enrolment website. How do I do this?

    • While Student Affairs has not validated your file, you can log in to modify any documents you provided.

  • I'm going to take a gap year.What steps do I have to take?

    • You must register administratively with our establishment.

      The registration fees are reduced for the gap year.

      If you follow an other training course (Digital Lab), you will also have to pay the corresponding fees for these additional courses.

  • On SCEI I choose "yes but". Is the registration done normally? Can I still take a room in a university residence?

    • You must follow the normal registration procedure at the School, as if you had chose a "definitive yes". If your first wish becomes free, you will be able to cancel. It is advisable to wait until the back-to-school day to make the payment. In any case, a refund will be made in case of withdrawal (with the exception of 23 € for administration fees).

  • The enrolment website is closed. Is this normal?

    • The enrolment website is suspended during school closing period. Emails will not be answered during this period. When École Centrale de Lyon reopens, files and correspondence will be handled according to each person's term start and those files deemed priority for the new academic year. Please be patient, all files will be processed. 

  • When am I actually enrolled in École Centrale de Lyon?

    • The issuance of the attendance certificate and student card or sticker officially confirm your enrolment. Enrolment will not be definitive until enrolment fees have been fully paid.

  • When confirming my enrolment, I asked to receive a copy of my file by email, but I still have not received it. Is this normal?

    • The message was probably directed to your spam folder. Check your email folders. In any event, you can look at your file by logging in again.

  • When I log in, it says that no course is open. Is this normal?

    • Check your situation in the opening schedule for enrolments. If the opening date for enrolments has passed, please contact Student Affairs to verify your situation.

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