New school year FAQ

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  • At the Comparat residence, a duvet, pillow and bedsheets are supplied, is that right?

    • Bedsheets, a duvet and shower curtain are provided. On the other hand, if you do not like bolster pillows, you should bring your own pillow.

  • Can I ask a friend to collect my room keys to the Comparat residence or do I have to collect them personally?

    • You must collect them in person.

  • Can I get post delivered if I am living at the Comparat residence?

    • Yes, the address to use is:

      Your first name, surname, room number,
      51 chemin des Mouilles
      69130 Ecully

  • Can I let someone stay over at my room in the Comparat residence, like for a weekend?

    • Yes, but roommates are not allowed.

  • Can I visit a room at the Comparat residence before making a decision?

    • No, the staff can only welcome students who have booked a room. They are not on hand to give tours.

  • Do I need insurance for a room at the Comparat residence? On the first day of the academic year, you will need to bring a certificate stating you hold public liability insurance. Where can I get this?

    • You should request a certificate of the policy from the insurance company that covers you either personally or through your parents. Public liability insurance covers against damage that you could cause. It is compulsory.

      To cover damage that you might suffer (theft, loss of keys, etc.), you would need to take out home insurance. Home insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended. 

  • Do the rooms at the Comparat residence have a microwave? If not, can I bring one?

    • The shared kitchens have a microwave, they are not allowed in rooms. (Fridges, ovens and cooking hobs are also strictly forbidden from being placed in rooms).

  • Does the Comparat residence have any rules about fridges? What about for personal food?

    • It is up to the students to decide how they want to organise the cooking area and whether they will share food or not. Trust is par for the course. Generally, the people on your floor are friendly and everything runs smoothly. Fridges are not allowed in rooms.

  • How much is the rent at the Comparat residence?

    • You will find all prices (daily, weekly and monthly) on this page.

  • I am considering arriving at Comparat just before the start of term, would there still be enough choices to find a floor that suits me?

    • The Residence Bureau (BDR) cannot guarantee anything. The later you arrive, the less chance you have of finding a place on the floor that suits you.

  • I am studying for a master's or doctorate, are there on-campus rooms reserved for such students?

    • Some rooms at the Comparat residence are reserved for Master 1 and doctorate students. Although we cannot guarantee you will obtain a room, at the start of each academic year we usually have enough rooms for students in master and doctoral programmes. Please send an email to add your name to the waiting list. If a place opens up, you will be informed.

      This is the same case for the Adoma residence, and the procedure is the same. Please send an email to add your name to the waiting list.

  • I have a room at the Comparat residence, can I bring a sofa bed to replace the bed for the year?

    • No, furniture must remain as is!

  • I see that the Comparat residence is open from August. Is this just to drop belongings off or is it possible to sleep there?

    • You can sleep there from the time it opens in August. You will be billed for those nights.

  • I see that there is a car park at the Comparat residence, but is there a sheltered area for motorcycles? Are the institute's premises enclosed?

    • The car park entrance and ECL's premises are not enclosed. Apart from the enclosed bike shed, there is no shelter.

  • I will be staying at the Comparat residence. Could I have a summary of the arrival process and the people I may need to contact?

    • Before coming, make sure that you have received a positive response from the residence (confirmation email). If not, call the number stated on the admitted student document. You can collect keys Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm, starting from Thursday 24 August 2023.

      For information on how to get to École Centrale de Lyon, visit Getting to the campus. The reception desk of the residence is located on the ground floor of building X (rdc 51 Chemin des Mouilles 69130 Ecully).

      You will be welcomed by the residence supervisor and 2nd year students from the Residence Bureau (BDR). The BDR will help you choose the room on the floor that suits you. There are different floors according to tastes and personality, such as V45 mountain/ski, U56 music, etc.

      The supervisor will go through the administrative formalities with you: collection of the ID photo, bank details, photocopy of your passport or ID card, collection of the €500 security deposit plus the first month’s rent, handover of keys and inventory checklist (make sure to note any damage, the institute will use this inventory to check the state of your room when you depart).

  • I would like to arrive at the Comparat residence during the weekend, is this possible?

    • No, the residence can only receive new lodgers from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. To stay during the weekend, you must arrive before 4pm on the Friday before.

  • If I have a room at the Comparat residence, can I apply for the APL (Personalised Accommodation Allowance)?

    • It is not actually the APL but the ALS (Social Accommodation Allowance) that you can apply for. To give you an idea, depending on your personal circumstances and eligibility, the monthly allowance to grant holders and non-grant holders in 2020 is €112 and €86 respectively. You can perform a simulation on the CAF website. To make sure you do not lose any entitlements, carry out the online procedures as soon as possible.

  • In the Comparat residence, is there a bedside lamp or desk light?

    • No, but there are three wall-mounted lights. Two on one side, and the third opposite.

  • Is there a car park at the Comparat residence?

    • Yes, there are many parking spaces around the four buildings of the residence.

  • Is there an oven in the shared kitchens of the Comparat residence?

    • No, but it is possible to rent mini ovens via the 24/7 rental service within the residence.

  • Is there any equipment not allowed in the rooms at the Comparat residence? Is there a limit on electricity consumption?

    • The internal regulation of the Comparat residence states that no household appliances are allowed in the rooms. However, a kettle or coffee maker is permissible.

  • What is supplied in the kitchens at the Comparat residence? What should I bring with me?

    • The Comparat residence supplies microwaves, fridges and cooking hobs. You should bring your own kitchen utensils and crockery: plates, cutlery, pots and pans. Depending on the floor, the residents will decide to share them or not. Some kitchens are better equipped than others. An hourly rental service for kitchen equipment is also available 24/7.

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