New school year FAQ

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  • Are linens and crockery supplied at the Adoma residence?

    • No, household linens and bedsheets are not supplied (no pillow, no duvet, etc.). You should also bring your own tableware and cleaning utensils. 

  • Can a room be shared between two people at the Adoma residence?

  • Can I let someone stay over at my room in the Adoma residence, like for a weekend?

    • Yes, you can have a person not living at the residence stay over. They will need to present identification at the office and give their length of stay. The cost is €2 per day with a maximum stay of three months. Check-in is compulsory.

  • How much is the rent at the Adoma residence?

    • You will find all prices (daily, weekly and monthly) on this page.

  • I am studying for a master's or doctorate, are there on-campus rooms reserved for such students?

    • Some rooms at the Comparat residence are reserved for Master 1 and doctorate students. Although we cannot guarantee you will obtain a room, at the start of each academic year we usually have enough rooms for students in master and doctoral programmes. Please send an email to add your name to the waiting list. If a place opens up, you will be informed.

      This is the same case for the Adoma residence, and the procedure is the same. Please send an email to add your name to the waiting list.

  • If I have a room at the Adoma residence, can I apply for the APL (Personalised Accommodation Allowance)?

    • Yes, the studios allow you to apply for the APL. It will depend on your personal circumstances and eligibility.

  • Is it OK to send my accommodation application in mid-August to have a room at the Adoma residence?

    • For 1st year students (entering September) applying for Adoma, we suggest you send your application as soon as you have the results of the competitive examination; in general, rooms are all booked by the first week of August! Apply using the choice of residence form as soon as possible.

  • Is there a microwave in the rooms of the Adoma residence? If not, is it allowed to bring one?

    • There are no microwaves in the rooms at Adoma, but you are allowed to bring one.

      Are not allowed in the rooms: electric heating, air conditioning, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher... (Charges are included in the rent and there is no individual meter, so not everything is allowed). This type of device should be removed immediately.

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