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  • Are healthcare expenses reimbursed to my parents or directly to me?

    • The student is the insured party. Any information relating to reimbursements will be sent personally to the student, through their AMELI account. If personal bank details have been provided, the reimbursements will be made to that bank account.

  • Are linens and crockery supplied at the Adoma residence?

    • No, household linens and bedsheets are not supplied (no pillow, no duvet, etc.). You should also bring your own tableware and cleaning utensils. 

  • At the Comparat residence, a duvet, pillow and bedsheets are supplied, is that right?

    • Bedsheets, a duvet and shower curtain are provided. On the other hand, if you do not like bolster pillows, you should bring your own pillow.

  • Can a room be shared between two people at the Adoma residence?

  • Can I ask a friend to collect my room keys to the Comparat residence or do I have to collect them personally?

    • You must collect them in person.

  • Can I get post delivered if I am living at the Comparat residence?

    • Yes, the address to use is:

      Your first name, surname, room number,
      51 chemin des Mouilles
      69130 Ecully

  • Can I let someone stay over at my room in the Adoma residence, like for a weekend?

    • Yes, you can have a person not living at the residence stay over. They will need to present identification at the office and give their length of stay. The cost is €2 per day with a maximum stay of three months. Check-in is compulsory.

  • Can I let someone stay over at my room in the Comparat residence, like for a weekend?

    • Yes, but roommates are not allowed.

  • Can I pay fees in three instalments?

    • Fees for administrative enrolment can be paid in three instalments.

      If you are re-enrolling and you are graduating after the October examinations board, you will not be issued your degree until you settle any outstanding balance on your account.

  • Can I pay the balance in cash at the start of term?

    • Under the applicable regulations, École Centrale de Lyon can only accept a maximum of €300 in cash. To reduce the amount to be paid on the first day of term, you can spread payments over three instalments. This limit applies differently for student residences and fees.

      Clubs and societies accept cash payments, but we advise against such payments because it could mean carrying large amounts of cash on you. If you go to the Integration Weekend (WEI), it is best to bring a cheque for the security deposit (a cash payment actually complicates things).

      For more information, check the Payment Methods Guide.

  • Can I visit a room at the Comparat residence before making a decision?

    • No, the staff can only welcome students who have booked a room. They are not on hand to give tours.

  • Do I need insurance for a room at the Comparat residence? On the first day of the academic year, you will need to bring a certificate stating you hold public liability insurance. Where can I get this?

    • You should request a certificate of the policy from the insurance company that covers you either personally or through your parents. Public liability insurance covers against damage that you could cause. It is compulsory.

      To cover damage that you might suffer (theft, loss of keys, etc.), you would need to take out home insurance. Home insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended. 

  • Do international students have to pay the CVEC?

    • International students are liable to pay the CVEC under the same conditions as French students.

      However, Article L. 841-5 of the French Education Code stipulates that ‘students who hold refugee or subsidiary protection status or who are registered as an asylum seeker with the relevant authority and holding a right to remain in the country under the conditions set out in Articles L. 742-1 and L. 743-1 of the Entry and Residence of Foreigners and Right of Asylum Code shall also be exempt.’

      Furthermore, international students who come as part of an exchange programme are exempt for the 2020-2021 academic year. This does not apply in the case of a second enrolment in a master’s programme unless part of an exchange programme.

      See also ‘Which students are exempt from paying the CVEC?

  • Do international students have to register with French social security?

    • Registration with social security is obligatory, except for European students with a European Health Insurance Card.

      The student must carry out this procedure themselves. Institutes can only provide information to students.

  • Do the rooms at the Comparat residence have a microwave? If not, can I bring one?

    • The shared kitchens have a microwave, they are not allowed in rooms. (Fridges, ovens and cooking hobs are also strictly forbidden from being placed in rooms).

  • Do we need to bring the preparatory classes courses for the curriculum to Centrale?

    • Some of them can help you to review some concepts, but in most subjects the courses start over on a common basis for all prep courses, so don't worry! Handouts are provided in the subjects where there is a need to learn the lessons.

  • Does the Comparat residence have any rules about fridges? What about for personal food?

    • It is up to the students to decide how they want to organise the cooking area and whether they will share food or not. Trust is par for the course. Generally, the people on your floor are friendly and everything runs smoothly. Fridges are not allowed in rooms.

  • How can I obtain a certificate of attendance?

    • When Student Affairs confirms your file and as long as you have paid at least 1/3 of the fees owed, you will be able to download the attendance certificate from the enrolment website.

      Student Affairs will not process any file until you have fully completed the data entry.

  • How much are the tuition fees?

    • The fees applied by Centrale Lyon match the fees enacted nationally or by our senate, except for individual situations (French government grant holders, professionalisation contract, agreements between institutes, return to studies and continuing education, etc.).

      At the same time, the institute's clubs and societies offer a rich variation to students. While optional, you should consider joining different societies: Centrale Lyon Alumni Association, WEI, USE ECL, AEEECL, ECLAIR, BDE, etc.

  • How much does social security cost?

    • Registration with social security is free for students. Students who are already registered do not need to do anything else, except send any documents required to update their file. International students must register at

      In any case, be warned that social security does not fully cover health expenses incurred. On average, you will be reimbursed about 70% of the public rate (some physicians and treatments cost more than this rate, even in public hospitals). We strongly advise all students to also take out supplementary health insurance cover, known in France as ‘mutuelle’.

  • How much is the rent at the Adoma residence?

    • You will find all prices (daily, weekly and monthly) on this page.

  • How much is the rent at the Comparat residence?

    • You will find all prices (daily, weekly and monthly) on this page.

  • I am an international student. Do I have to reside in France for 3 months before I can rely on my entitlements?

    • No, you are exempted from this condition. 

  • I am considering arriving at Comparat just before the start of term, would there still be enough choices to find a floor that suits me?

    • The Residence Bureau (BDR) cannot guarantee anything. The later you arrive, the less chance you have of finding a place on the floor that suits you.

  • I am enrolled at two establishments. Studies at Centrale Lyon are not eligible for the CROUS grant, but they are at the other establishment. What should I do to obtain exemption?

    • You have to attach a certificate of attendance from the other course that permits exemption to your exemption declaration.

  • I am studying for a master's or doctorate, are there on-campus rooms reserved for such students?

    • Some rooms at the Comparat residence are reserved for Master 1 and doctorate students. Although we cannot guarantee you will obtain a room, at the start of each academic year we usually have enough rooms for students in master and doctoral programmes. Please send an email to add your name to the waiting list. If a place opens up, you will be informed.

      This is the same case for the Adoma residence, and the procedure is the same. Please send an email to add your name to the waiting list.

  • I cannot log in/My log-in details are incorrect. What should I do?

    • The registration site does not work on Mac.

      If you cannot log in, there could be several other reasons:

      • The application only works with Firefox and Chrome browsers (change browser).
      • There was a short interruption for an update, try again later.
      • If you are entering 2nd year at École Centrale de Lyon, click ‘re-enrol’ (link to the side).
      • Your username and password are wrong, please contact support at the IT Department.
  • I cannot upload a document. What should I do?

    • Except for photo ID, only PDF files are accepted. The aspect ratio should be between 5:3 and 1:1.

      It could be the file is too large. In this case, you should compress the file so that the file size is no more than 100 KB for the photo and 2 MB for files.

      Moreover, if the documents for your file have already been validated by Student Affairs, you will no longer be able to modify them directly on the enrolment website.

  • I completed my online enrolment and would now like to pay. How do I do this?

  • I do not yet have my National Student ID (INE). Can I still carry out the necessary procedures?

    • Absolutely. Simply create your account and upload a declaration stating you are enrolled in a higher education institute. See template.

  • I have a room at the Comparat residence, can I bring a sofa bed to replace the bed for the year?

    • No, furniture must remain as is!

  • I have applied for accommodation assistance, but they are requesting a recent document showing my student number. Where can I find this?

    • This number is stated on the certificate of attendance. If you do not yet have this certificate, it is usually given on your baccalaureate transcript if you took it in France or on French higher education transcripts or certificates.

  • I have been admitted but have not received any email about enrolment.

    • Check your situation in the opening schedule for enrolments. If the scheduled date has passed, please contact Student Affairs to verify your situation.

  • I have been asked for an address, but I still do not have one. What should I do?

    • You should enrol anyway, even if you do not have a term-time address. The sooner you enrol, the sooner we will get back to you if your file is incomplete or invalid. You should just add your current address or a habitual address (e.g. your parents’ address). Once you have an address for the term/year, you can amend your address on the website.

      Log in to

  • I have enrolled online but did not make any payment. I had planned on returning to it later to pay but now it does not allow me. What should I do?

    • No need to worry. Payment is compulsory from the start of term. Because you have completed the enrolment process, it is no longer possible to pay online. A payment schedule may be recalculated on the day of the new academic year welcome. For more information, check the Payment Methods Guide.

  • I have not received my provisional confirmation of a grant. What should I do?

    • You can still perform the online enrolment, without stating whether you are in receipt of a grant or not.

      If you receive the confirmation notice before the start of term (or end of September if you are not on campus), you can then file your grant notice on the enrolment website. This will allow Student Affairs to recalculate the fees.

      If this notice arrives after the start of term (or after 30/09 if you are not on campus), you will have to pay at least one-third of the fees. You will be refunded after you file your grant notice on the enrolment website.

      Under no circumstances should you declare that you are in receipt of a grant if you have not received any confirmation of it.

  • I have not received my visa. Can I get a refund for the CVEC?

    • Yes, provided that, in the end, you are not enrolled in any initial education at a higher education institute. 

  • I have uploaded my master's degree application on Campus France. How will I receive the response?

    • Please consult the Campus France platform.

  • I have uploaded new documents onto the enrolment website but have not received a reply.

    • You can check if your document has been validated by logging back into the enrolment website. If it has still not been validated, it will soon be processed. There are many people enrolling, and we do our utmost to process all files as quickly as possible.

  • I just checked a definitive "yes" and I didn't receive an email. Do I have to register at the School now?

    • Two situations are possible:

      1. You had previously choosen "yes but": you should normally have already received the link to register.
      2. You were on the waiting list and have just been admitted to the School after the second admission wave: you must receive a registration link on the Thursday following acceptance.

      If this is not the case, please contact the schooling service as soon as possible during the duty period from 1pm to 4pm on +33(0)4 72 18 64 00, from 18/08/2021.

  • I made the "yes but" choice and I'm not sure in which city I will be posted. Do I have to wait to do the CVEC process?

    • Changing your city of residence is inconsequential. As soon as you are sure that you are going to enrol in higher education, we advise you to register as soon as possible.

  • I paid but I should not have. What should I do?

    • Contact Student Affairs. 

  • I paid the CVEC but have decided to cease my studies or to not study in France. Can I be reimbursed?

    • Yes. On the CVEC website, you should report that you are not enrolled in any French higher education institute.

  • I paid the CVEC for the previous academic year when it should have been for the new year. How can I sort this out?

    • If you were not enrolled at a French higher education institute in the previous academic year, you can apply for a refund of the wrongly paid CVEC and make a new payment for the new academic year.

      To receive the refund, you must make an application and prove that you were not enrolled in any course at a higher education institute during the previous year.

      Students not obliged to pay the CVEC must apply for a refund within four years. 

  • I paid the CVEC twice by mistake. Can I get a refund?

    • Yes. You do not have to do anything. CROUS will automatically detect this and reimburse you.

      Note: if a student enrols in several courses in the same academic year, the CVEC is only owed for the first enrolment. 

  • I paid the CVEC, but it was not applicable to me. How do I get a refund?

    • You must apply for a refund through the website as soon as possible. Students not obliged to pay the CVEC must apply for a refund within four years.

  • I receive a grant from Campus France. Do I have to pay the CVEC?

    • I receive a grant from Campus France. Do I have to pay the CVEC? No. You are exempt from paying the CVEC because you fall into one of the exemption categories set out in Article L. 841-5 of the Education Code (recipients of grants awarded under student aid schemes mentioned in Article L.821-1 of said code). However, you must perform the steps on the CVEC website to obtain your CVEC certificate. If you are enrolling as part of an international exchange programme, you do not have to do anything.

  • I received a conditional confirmation of the CROUS grant but École Centrale de Lyon does not appear on the list of institutes. What should I do?

    • Generally, we will take into account your situation.

      However, the situations that cannot be immediately considered relate to the ‘0 Bis’ grade of the grant where the distance from the home to the listed institutes is greater than to École Centrale de Lyon.

  • I received an email about enrolment, but I am graduating soon. Why?

    • The École Centrale de Lyon senate voted to extend the academic calendar for the third year og the general engineer cursus and Master 2 on 30 September. Where there is an educational activity after that date (placement, defence, etc.), enrolment is compulsory. The rules on enrolment fees are the same as for all other academic years.

      If you are not in this situation, please contact Student Affairs to confirm your situation.

  • I received an email stating that my file was incomplete and that some documents were missing or wrong. What should I do?

    • This is usually to do with supporting documentation that is missing, illegible or invalid. Log in to the website and replace the relevant documents before the start of term.

      Check that the document is legible. If it is illegible, upload a new document after checking that you can read it! When you replace a document, you do not have to notify Student Affairs. The file will be processed.

      Examples of documents to be modified:

      • Documents that do not match your situation as stated on the enrolment website (e.g. grants, etc.) or for the academic year.
      • Documents that are not official.

      In any case, check the type of document required.

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