Master's degree in French

Master 2 level

Ecole Centrale de Lyon offers 13 Master's 2 degrees, only taught in French in one or more courses. Some of these Masters are offered on the Ecole Centrale de Lyon's Ecully campus or on the Saint Étienne campus, via its internal school ENISE. 


- Applicants living outside the European Economic Area: single procedure for Etudes en France. Complete your application now on and before your country's closing date (generally in December 2023).

- Applicants living in the European Economic Area (or in a country not covered by the Etudes en France procedure): complete the downloadable application forms below (available at the end of the first quarter of 2024).

- If you are a student at a partner institution, the application procedures will be sent to you by your administration.

Sciences, technology, health Masters 

Chemistry and materials science

  • Track: Innovative materials for health, transport and energy.
  • Course location: Ecully and Lyon
  • Contact: F. Dubreuil.

Econometrics, statistics

  • Track: Risk management in insurance and finance (GRAF).
  • Course location: Ecully and Lyon
  • Contact: E.Mironescu

Electronics, electrical energy, automation

  • 3 tracks: Automated system engineering; Electrical engineering; Electronics and embedded systems.
  • Course location: Ecully and Lyon
  • Contact: L.Seppecher

Civil engineering

  • 2 tracks: Advanced modelling and experimentation in civil engineering (MEAGC); Materials and Structures for Sustainable Construction (MSDC).
  • Course location: Ecully or Saint-Etienne
  • Contacts: A. Si-Larbi (Saint-Etienne) and F. Froiio (Ecully)

Industrial engineering

  • 2 tracks: Advanced methods in industrial engineering for the industry of the future (MAGIF); Data and artificial intelligence in industrial engineering (DIAGI).
  • Course location: Ecully or Saint-Etienne (MAGIF) and Ecully (DIAGI).
  • Contacts: S. Bayard (Saint-Etienne) and L. Nechak (Ecully)

Computer science

  • 4 tracks taught in French: Data science; Artificial intelligence; Image and 3D Technology; Information technology and the internet.
  • Course location: Ecully and Lyon
  • Contact: A. Saidi

Healthcare engineering

Applied mathematics, statistics

  • Track: Maths in action.
  • Course location: Ecully and Lyon
  • Contact: M. Marion

Mechanical engineering

Risks and environment

  • Track: Environmental risk governance (RISE).
  • Course location: Ecully and Lyon
  • Contact: P. Salizzoni

Public health

  • 2d year of Master only, taught in French and English
  • Track: Biostatistics, biomathematics, bioinformatics and health (B3S).
  • Course location: Ecully and Lyon
  • Contact: C. Helbert

Law, economics, management Masters 

Risks and environment
Shared with Science, technology, health (see above Master RISE above).

Humanities and Social Sciences Masters 

  • Philosophy (master's degree with Lyon 3)
  • M2 taught in French
  • 2 courses: Ethics, ecology, environment; Logic, history and philosophy of science and technology.
  • Location of courses: Lyon
  • Contact: R. Sauzet