Research at Centrale Lyon

Research at Centrale Lyon has garnered national and international recognition from many institutions and industries. The research here is built around six laboratories, each one being a joint research unit with the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).

At a time when international competition is increasingly intense and social and economic expectations are in flux, Centrale Lyon has established a dynamic scientific policy built on 5 priority fields: nanotechnology and nanomaterials, transport, energy, environment and bio-engineering.

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Research has been historically based on a resolute embrace of industry and international perspectives. A balance has been maintained between academic research and research conducted with partners, which has enabled the institute to place itself at the pinnacle of science while being anchored to the reality faced by businesses.

To support research at its laboratories, Centrale Lyon strives for a research-conducive environment by heavily investing in the creation and development of ambitious technology platforms, establishing exceptional public-private partnerships and advancing the career of researchers, as shown by the scores of theses defended every year.

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The Research Department coordinates all research activities and doctoral studies. With the support of the institute’s Scientific Council and research-promotion frameworks, the department implements the graduate school’s scientific policy and ensures coordination with partner establishments. Its actions rely on effective commitments, such as the human resources policy for researchers (HRS4R), the gender equality charter, the open science policy, among others.

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