LMFA - Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory



Christophe BAILLY, Director.

Under the aegis of

  • CNRS
  • École Centrale de Lyon
  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • INSA Lyon

Fields of research

  • Acoustics
  • Complex fluids and transfers
  • Turbomachinery
  • Turbulence and stability

Laboratory research covers the physics and modelling of turbulence, hydrodynamic instabilities, two-phased flows of fluids, environmental mechanics of fluids, internal aerodynamics, coupled thermal phenomena, aeroacoustics, acoustic propagation, methods for solving Navier-Stokes equations, active and passive control of flows and microfluidity.

The LMFA has about 200 staff members, with 100 holding a permanent position.

Primary facilities

  • HPC scientific calculation centre
  • PIV, LDV platforms
  • Turbomachinery test rigs (2 MW multi-stage axial compressor, 1 MW centrifugal compressor)
  • Supersonic wind tunnel with anechoic chamber
  • Atmospheric dispersal wind tunnel
  • Two-phase tunnel
  • Reverberation chamber
  • Hydraulic ducts

Fields of application

  • Aeronautics and space: aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, propulsion
  • Energy production
  • Road and rail transportation: combustion engines, acoustical comfort
  • Atmospheric environment and acoustics
  • Processes, development of materials


Écully, Villeurbanne.

Member of

Carnot Institute Engineering@Lyon

Competition hubs


3 Laboratories of Excellence (LabEx)

  • CeLya - Lyon Acoustics Centre
  • IMU - Urban World Intelligence
  • IMUST - Institute for Multiscale Science and Technology

3 Facilities of Excellence (EquipEx)

  • Equip@meso
  • Manutech

2 Associate International Laboratories (LIA)

  • LIA 2MCSI with Beijing (China)
  • LIA Elyt with Tohoku (Japan)