Funding your studies at Centrale Lyon

Several grants and scholarships are open to international students.

Cost of studies at Centrale Lyon

Find all the information on the cost of studying at École Centrale Lyon on the page "Average cost for studying at Centrale Lyon".

Eiffel scholarships

The Eiffel Scholarship Programme of Excellence established by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs enables École Centrale de Lyon to support its international policy on attracting students from developing countries to enrol in its master’s double degree and doctorate programmes.

Further information should be available from your home university.

China Scholarship Council (CSC) grants

The China Scholarship Council is a Chinese public institution under the Chinese Ministry of Education and manages the exchange of students between China and other countries. It offers financial assistance to students at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

In 2005, the Écoles Centrales Group signed a doctoral studies agreement with the CSC to facilitate the hosting of Chinese doctoral candidates at Centrale Lyon.

Further information is available on the China Scholarship Council website.

Scholarships from French embassies

French government grants are assigned by the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs for the purpose of studying, internships or linguistic stays in France. The majority of these grants are awarded by the cooperation and cultural activities office of French embassies and consulates-general based abroad.

To find out more, speak to the cooperation and cultural activities office of the French embassy or consulate of your country of residence.

Other financial assistance

Further information: