Coming to study for a year

Every year, approximately thirty places are available for students coming on a year-long exchange (semesters S9-S10, i.e. Master 2 level).

The exchange year allows a student to take one of our specialisation options and one of our profession-based tracks, which are offered to 3rd years. Studies take place over two semesters: an academic semester and a semester spent working on a project in a company or at one of Centrale Lyon’s laboratories. This intersection of specialisations (industrial or service sector) and professions allows each student to pursue a customised curriculum. You will also have, depending on your chosen options, the chance to take Master 2 courses in the fields of excellence for which Centrale Lyon’s laboratories are renowned.

This period of study will be recognised by your home university through award of ECTS credits. It is also possible for you to receive the École Centrale de Lyon graduate degree (DESECL).