Coming to study for a semester

A semester-long exchange can be taken in semesters 8, 9 and 10 of the general engineering programme at École Centrale de Lyon.

This level corresponds to the Master 1 and 2 cycle. Accordingly, you should have a minimum of 180 ECTS credits or their equivalent. You will also have to be selected by your home university (which is a partner institution of École Centrale de Lyon) and have an adequate level of French to follow the courses. Validation of this period of study will be through the award of ECTS credits.

Three options are available:

  • an exchange for the 2nd semester of 2nd year (S8),
  • an exchange for the 1st semester of 3rd year (S9),
  • an exchange for the entire 3rd year (S9-S10).

Semester in 2nd year (S8)

(from 1 February to 30 June 2021)

During the second semester of the 2nd year of the engineering programme, you will follow a curriculum combining courses with a three-month research project undertaken in our laboratories. The choice of courses is made from a range of over 50 optional subjects. On the application form, you should state the courses that interest you. The final choice of courses will be made online in December.



Applications for the S8 exchange during the 2019-2020 year can be made until 19 November 2020 (midnight CET) through the Mobility Online website.

Semester in 3rd year (S9-10)

This semester gives you the opportunity to choose whichever subjects interest you. The courses offered cover scientific subjects and those oriented to one of the six professions offered in third year and representing the job prospects of a Centrale Lyon graduate. The engineering courses are supplemented by a language and sport. This semester runs from September until the end of March.


Presentation of 3rd year exchange programmes for 2017-2018 (in English)


Applications of a semester- or year-long exchange in 3rd year for the 2019-2020 academic year are now closed.

Application procedure for exchanges lasting one or two semesters

Online applications comprise two stages:

  1. Fill in the form and send it.
  2. After registration and receipt of an email from the International Relations Office, create your personal file and then upload the documents listed below:
    • a CV
    • the official nomination letter from your university for entering the exchange programme
    • a photo (JPEG format, max. 2MB)
    • previous years’ academic transcripts
    • a certificate on your French language level
    • a certificate on your English language level (if applicable)
    • at least one recommendation from one of your university’s science teachers
    • a copy of your passport or ID card
    • the learning agreement for Erasmus+ students