Coming to study for a double degree

Thanks to the agreements signed by École Centrale de Lyon and partner institutions abroad, Centrale Lyon sets aside an annual portion of places for talented foreign students to enter the first or second year of the engineering cycle and study for a double degree.

The benchmark for this high-quality education comes from the T.I.M.E. European network. Over time, this policy began to include China and Brazil, marking a significant step in the development of this engineering programme. It now extends to other countries such as Japan and Russia.

As part of the double degree, you will spend at least two years in your home university before coming to Centrale Lyon to study the core subjects in the first two years. In this way, you acquire all skills and knowledge noted in the general engineer graduates of École Centrale de Lyon.

Afterwards, you return to your home university to complete your studies for the degree conferred by your institution. The award of this degree leads to receipt of the École Centrale de Lyon degree.

To participate in this highly demanding programme, you must be selected by your home university and demonstrate a good level of French.



For the 2021-2022 academic year, applications can be made online until 23 April 2021 through the Mobility Online website.

To apply, fill in the online form on the Mobility Online website and complete your submission by following the instructions provided. All applications will be examined by the University Exchanges Commission which will meet around the middle of May.