International campuses

Centrale Pékin

Created on the request of the Chinese government in 2005, École Centrale de Pékin (Sino-French Engineer School of Beihang University) is the first Francophone engineering graduate school in China.

Centrale Pékin is the fruit of a close partnership between the Écoles Centrales Group in France and Beihang University in China. It is a genuine driver of economic development between France and China and delivers a pool of highly skilled, versatile, trilingual (Chinese, French and English) engineers to the business world.

École Centrale de Pékin offers a six-year engineering programme based on the French education system. Following a year-long intensive course of the French language, students enter a two-year cycle of preparatory classes before carrying onto the three-year engineering programme.

École Centrale de Pékin in numbers:

  • 1,000 students across 8 classes: 27 undertaking a double degree and 40 in 3rd year in a French graduate school.
  • The first graduating class were conferred on 7 January 2012
  • 12 industrial partners with one such Chinese partner (COMAC - Commercial Aviation of China) leading a large aircraft project.
  • Creation in May 2010 of LIA2MCIS - International Associated Laboratory in Mechanics, Materials, Control and Information Science - LIA directed by École Centrale de Lyon.

École Centrale de Pékin places the Écoles Centrales and Beihang University at the heart of Sino-French relations focused on education. It allows the Écoles Centrales to play a standardising role for the training of engineers in China under the French system.

For more information: Centrale Pékin website

Other campuses

Three other institutions also form part of École Centrale de Lyon’s network: Centrale Casablanca (Morocco), Mauritius Campus (southern Africa) and Mahindra École Centrale (India).